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Welcome to Power Yoga Germany's Online Studio.

Please follow the instructions for online yoga classes in order to practice with us from home:

1.) Choose your preferred class or workshop and time length and move your mouse over the video field to gain detailed information about the chosen class video.
2.) To help with your class choice, check preview videos.
3.) Once you have decided on a class video, provide your full name uand email adress and confirm the Terms & Conditions. Then click "next".
4.) Then review the entered data and confirm the Free Class with "OK" or go through the PayPal link to pay for the class video.
5.) Within the next 5 minutes you will recieve an email with the link to the class video.
6.) Have fun practicing!

Why Power Yoga Online Studio?

In today's hectic world it is hard to find a place to relax and breathe to do your yoga practice. With PYG Online we'll be with you at home, or wherever you may be travelling. Our online studio delivers both the energy and calming atmosphere of our real studios, enabling you to spend some time with some of the best yoga teachers in the world.

How does the online studio work?
With our online studio, you can practice at your favorite place, either at home or away. Here you can find your favorite Power Yoga Germany teacher and many international guest teachers. You can pick out any class length between 10 and 180 minutes. All you need is a computer and a broadband Internet connection. Also recommended is the use of a non-slip (yoga) mat and comfortable yoga sportswear. The practice is done barefoot. You can watch each acquired class video up to 3 times. And the whole thing starts at only 0.99 cents! Of course, we have a few "Free Classes" which cost nothing and get you comfortable with our online studio community. And if you are ever in Hamburg, you can also visit us LIVE in our studios!

I am new to yoga. Which classes should I start?
You can search under our (under Specific Use) "Beginner Center". Here you'll find all the information and tips for your yoga practice.

In the near future, we'll be providing you a FAQ Question & Answer section to make your PYG Online experience even easier.
For further questions or comments contact us via email: info@poweryogagermany.de
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