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Victor Colletti

Victor Coletti
Victor Colletti is a native New Yorker.
He discovered yoga when he was 15-years-old, by way of an interest he developed in buddhist philosophy.
His practice deepened immensely under the tutelage of sri dharma mittra, whom he studied with relentlessly for three consecutive years.
His practice flowered like a lotus when he met Dana Trixie Flynn, who he continues to study with today.
All of his teachers over the past 22 years, including Jasmine Tarkeshi, Alison Cramer and Janet Fitzgerald, have impacted his life more than anything else.
It is Victor's deepest wish to share the ancient wisdom that is yoga with the world, so that it can unite all of us together in a world of breath, movement, stillness, music, silence, and, above all, love…

Victor wishes everyone peace and positive energy.

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